You’ve booked your trip to Sitka, but how do you get around town once you arrive? Here, we’ve answered some of the most common questions about transportation in Sitka.

What part of Sitka is walkable?

Almost all of Sitka’s main attractions are located within walking distance from the city center, and it is approximately one mile from one end of Lincoln Street to the other. Many hiking trailheads are easily accessible from downtown. 

How do I get downtown from the cruise ship?

A free shuttle bus departs from Sitka Sound Cruise Terminal to downtown Sitka every 10-15 minutes. The bus ride is approximately twelve minutes long and arrives at Harrigan Centennial Hall. The last shuttle back to the cruise terminal departs thirty minutes prior to all aboard. Some ships water tender from anchorages in Sitka Sound near Crescent Harbor.

How do I get a ride to and from the airport?

While the airport is technically within walking distance (a 20-30 minute to the city center), most visitors call a taxi or rent a car. Taxis in Sitka are limited, so call in advance and make sure you book the night before if you’re on an early morning flight. Check out your hotel website to see if they offer a shuttle.

How do I get to Fortress of the Bear?

The easiest way to get to the Fortress of the Bear is by taxi or a driving tour, which typically includes a stop at the Fortress in the tour package. Some operators offer shuttles to and from the Fortress. Purchas a tour ahead of time or visit Harrigan Centennial Hall to buy a same day tour.

Currently, the public bus system stops before reaching the Fortress of the Bear at Gary Paxton Industrial Park, a 5-10 minute walk from the Fortress.

Can I rent a bike?

Of course! Sitka is a Bicycle Friendly Community with clear, designated bike paths and even a new single-track biking trail. Stop by Yellow Jersey Cycles for rentals – you can ride all 14 miles of road, explore Sitka’s many beaches, or reach our more distant trailheads.

Does Sitka have public transportation?

Yes. The RIDE is a fixed-route bus service with three lines that access residential areas of the community and run nearly all 14 miles of road. Buses typically depart every hour and tickets can be purchased on board. Due to COVID, the bus system is currently operating with limited hours and capacity. Call their main line for the most up to date information on operations. 

For more unique ways to explore Sitka, book a flight seeing tour around Baranof Island or a water taxi to explore Sitka Sound.