Our Town Catering

Whale Park

This small overlook located 5-1/2 miles from town on Sawmill Creek Road, offers a board walk, sheltered areas, forested walkways, and bathroom facilities (in summer).

Starrigavan Area and Halibut Point Park

Each State Park charges a fee, depending on the number of people attending.  Reservations need to be made in advance. Starrigavan is located approximately 7 ½ miles from downtown, and Halibut Point Park is located approximately 4 miles from downtown.

Sitka National Historical Park

The park requires a special use permit to receive authorization for the ceremony to be held in the park. The permit can be mailed and must be completed prior to the ceremony. There is a charge for the one-time use permit. The park needs to know date, time, part of the park (certain areas of the park are location sensitive), if chairs, tables, etc. will be used, or any other useful information.

Sitka Fine Arts Camp

We offer wedding packages during every season, and are happy to hold beautiful ceremonies either on our sprawling lawn overlooking Sitka Sound or inside the magnificent Odess Theater.

Sheet’ka Kwaan Naa Kahidi Tribal Community House

This modern rendition of a Tlingit clan house offers a unique and rare Alaskan Native setting located downtown. The stunning backdrop, a house screen named “Lovebirds,” provides unforgettable photos. A tribal minister is available to perform the ceremony.  A kitchen is available and other special services can be arranged with prior notice.

Sea Mountain Golf Course

We offer an indoor/outdoor venue with a full bar and restaurant to accommodate your event, whether its a birthday party, reunion, business meeting, formal dinner, company party, or a wedding.

Castle Hill

This historic and scenic overview is located downtown. This well-known State Park charges a fee, depending on the amount of people attending.

Harrigan Centennial Hall

Built in 1967, during Alaska’s Centennial celebration, the building is still one of the finest in the state.  It houses the Sitka Historical Society, a local history collection located in the Sitka Historical Museum (formerly known as the Isabel Miller Museum), an auditorium for public use, Baranof Arts and Crafts Association (in the summer months), a wildlife display, and an information desk (with visitor information in the summer months). A large hand-carved Tlingit canoe made from one log is displayed under a sheltered area near the building.

Baranof Wilderness Lodge

This unique remote lodge, located on the eastern shore of Baranof Island, offers breathtaking scenery in an unforgettable Alaska setting.  A minister is available to perform your ceremony.  Lodging, meals, and other activities also available.