“People travel for a variety of reasons:  to escape, explore, understand and participate.  But at the core of the experience lies the destination – the place that hands something to the traveler to keep forever and share with others.” -USAID

Visit Sitka, a part of the Greater Sitka Chamber of Commerce, is a private, non-profit marketing organization serving Sitka under a city contract for destination marketing organization (DMO) services.

Initial Guiding Principles

1) Do what the community cannot do for itself.  Visit Sitka will provide a marketing platform to promote the Sitka brand.

2) Leverage previous plans and partnerships; focus on market development.  Visit Sitka will promote the Sitka brand to target audiences and build on trusted partnerships to maximize marketing reach.

3) Evaluate program measures and return on investment (ROI).  Visit Sitka will track and evaluate marketing impact on attracting visitors.

4)  Support Partner businesses/organizations and the wider local economy.  Visit Sitka will provide resources to partner businesses and others through marketing options, new branding/wayfinding final development and implementation, web leadership, education opportunities and dissemination of tourism research materials helpful to the success of their endeavors.

5)  Develop Web and Social media expertise.  Visit Sitka will continue to improve its web/social media through ongoing professional development to promote targeted, timely and cost-effective brand messages.

Visit Sitka is funded by 92% of three-year city bed tax average and our partners. Through our efforts, we work to market and develop Sitka as a destination, focusing on convention sales, tourism and visitor services.

Sitka Chamber Board of Directors

Tourism Matters

Tourism benefits businesses of all types–not just hospitality businesses like hotels, tour companies, and restaurants, but also secondary providers such as laundry services, flower shops, grocery stores and vehicle repair shops. Please see Tourism Works for Alaska to learn more.