4951 Halibut Point Rd., Sitka, AK 99835

Sheet’ká Treetop Adventures is committed to providing quality adventure experiences and relational moments. It is our desire to leave people with life-long memories that inspire change in their own personal lives.

Sheet’ká Treetop Adventure gets its name from traditional Tlingit roots. Sitka is derived from the word Sheet’ká which is a contraction of the Tlingit “Shee At’ika”. It means “People on the outside of Baranof Island”, whose Tlingit name is Sheet’ak X’aat’I. Sheet’ká Treetop Adventures was created with the intention of connecting people to the beautiful and wild spaces Alaska has to offer. Specifically those native and unique to the Sitka Area.

We’re grateful you’ve chosen to adventure with us!