1490 Seward Ave., Sitka, AK 99835

Welcome to Sitka Wild Coast Kayaks. Sitka Sound offers one of the most varied kayaking environments on earth. Temperate rainforest tumbles down from sheer, stunning peaks to vanish into some of the clearest water in the Seven Seas.

Our commitment and expertise revolve around providing exclusive, immersive kayaking experiences in this haven. Whether you opt for an overnight tour to a hot spring, or a secret lagoon, or choose a local day kayak tour of any length up to 6 hours. Water taxi shuttles to aid exploration of more remote sites are available with advanced notice. Regardless of your choice, we have the experience and knowledge to make your journey exceptional.

We call it the Wild Coast because it is, and Sitka is the heart of it. Come with us and explore the pristine and abundant life in this place’s unparalleled beauty, where the land, sea, and sky join.