Alaska Raptor Center

1000 Raptor Way, Sitka, AK 99835

A pioneering wildlife project, the Alaska Raptor Center has for years proven that dedicated volunteer effort and innovative veterinary medicine can make a life-or-death difference on Alaska’s raptors (birds of prey). The center’s goal is to rehabilitate and release into the wild all bird patients; however, a few never fully recover and remain housed at the center’s outdoor sanctuary. One of Sitka’s most popular attractions, visitors are welcome at the Alaska Raptor Center’s facility that includes an impressive flight training enclosure. Summer Hours: mid-May to mid-September: 8am – 4pm daily. Winter Hours: 10am – 3pm, closed weekends. Prices: $15 for adults, $6 for children.

Fortress of The Bear

4639 Sawmill Creek Rd., Sitka, AK 99835

A 501(c)(3) non-profit bear sanctuary and educational center, dedicated to rescuing orphaned Alaskan bear cubs in need. With no legal rehabilitation and release program available for bears in the state, orphans that lose their mothers at a young age are typically destroyed. View Fortress of the Bear’s resident rescue black and brown bear populations from covered viewing areas as they roam their naturalistic three-quart acre habitats, complete with fresh running water. Enjoy viewing the bears as they play, explore and forage for food, while a team of naturalists tell you stories about their histories, personalities and seasonally changing diets and environments.

Open to the public 7 days per week, May – September, 9:00 am – last admission 4:30 pm. Only open weekends or cruise ship days during April and October, weather permitting. Wheelchair accessible. No appointment required, no pre-purchase ticket options available.

$15 per adult, $5 per child (aged 8-18), no charge for children under 7.

Sheet’ká Treetop Adventures

4951 Halibut Point Rd., Sitka, AK 99835

Sheet’ká Treetop Adventures is committed to providing quality adventure experiences and relational moments. It is our desire to leave people with life-long memories that inspire change in their own personal lives.

Sheet’ká Treetop Adventure gets its name from traditional Tlingit roots. Sitka is derived from the word Sheet’ká which is a contraction of the Tlingit “Shee At’ika”. It means “People on the outside of Baranof Island”, whose Tlingit name is Sheet’ak X’aat’I. Sheet’ká Treetop Adventures was created with the intention of connecting people to the beautiful and wild spaces Alaska has to offer. Specifically those native and unique to the Sitka Area.

We’re grateful you’ve chosen to adventure with us!

Sitka Sound Science Center

834 Lincoln St., Sitka, AK 99835

Experience the spectacular diversity of the many amazing sea creatures that thrive in the waters surrounding Sitka. The aquarium houses an 850-gallon tank that gives visitors a glimpse of our kelp forest ecosystem and local fish species. The three large touch tanks allow you to feel the spiny skin of a sea star, the soft tentacles of a sea anemone, and the coarse shell of an abalone. During your visit take a guided tour through the salmon hatchery to learn about the history of hatcheries in Alaska, the salmon lifecycle, and the process for collecting eggs. This non-profit science center is dedicated to science research and education. It is a part of the historic Sheldon Jackson Campus located a 0.5 mile walk from Harrigan Centennial Hall downtown on the way to the Raptor Center and the Sitka National Historical Park.

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