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You can dress like a local Sitkan while supporting local businesses and organizations in town. Sitka’s weather is constantly changing – clear and dry one moment, and rainy the next. It’s important to dress in layers, and bring waterproof gear.  

Here are some of the clothing staples to look for: 

1) Xtratuf boots AKA Sitka Sneakers 

I’ll never forget the first time I pulled on a pair of neoprene Xtratuf boots: I felt invincible. I waded through tidepools and, as the tide went further out, explored the tiny islands that appeared in the water. Dashing through the waves, I felt like a little kid again. 

Since then, my Xtratufs have been everywhere: slogging up muddy trails, postholing through snowdrifts, and splashing in rainstorms. Even when my clothes are soaking wet, at least my feet stay dry!  

A pair of Xtratuf deck shoes or deck boots are perfect for day-to-day activities, while the durable mid- and tall boots will protect you from the elements on a longer excursion. Choose between colorful Salmon Sisters prints, or go for your standard and iconic brown. You can buy your own pair at Russell’sWork & Rugged Gearand LFS Marine Supply 

Climbing the rocks around Whale Park

2) 57 Peaks Leggings 

It’s hard to miss the sight of these leggings around town, with their bright, vivid patterns and dreamy Sitka-inspired landscapes. “It’s really amazing to see something that I’ve created, a beautiful work of art, and to see people celebrating that,” says co-owner Brett Wilcox, who runs 57 Peaks with his wife, Kris. 

“Our main theme is that we try to stick to nature. We have a lot of images that come straight from Sitka, mostly from our own photography, and others that come from around the world. E-commerce is an up-and-coming thing, and [with 57 Peaks] we saw a fun opportunity to combine our love for leggings – virtually every woman on earth is wearing leggings – with our love for nature. We use a print-on-demand system so that we can have a local presence as well as sell to people from all over the world.” 

Splashing around in a pair of 57 Peaks leggings. Photo courtesy of 57 Peaks

3) Grundens fishing gear 

Don’t let the rain stop you from having a good time. Whether you plan on fishing, hiking, or just exploring town, Grundens high-quality waterproof gear is a must-have for Sitka’s rainy days. When I walked in to LFS Marine Supply to buy my own pair, I was overwhelmed by all the options: everything from bib trousers to durable foul weather jackets! I love the bold, bright colors that stand out on a forest trail. 

A pair of durable Grundens

 For me, the best part of dressing like a local isn’t just being prepared for the weather – it also means carrying Sitka with me wherever I go. 

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