One of the most unique aspects of our Sitkan community is our charming, locally-owned downtown. During this time of uncertainty, it’s important to support our dynamic businesses, makers, and artisans.  

Whether you’re looking for a Father’s Day gift or souvenir to commemorate last year’s vacation, we’ve compiled a list of businesses with online shopping services. These businesses have gone above and beyond, and we are so grateful for the many customers who continue to support them.  

1) Health and Wellness 

As parts of the country begin to reopen, our personal safety, in addition to the safety and wellbeing of our communities, is a high priority. From mask-making materials to hand soaps, our local businesses have been providing for both locals and nonlocals alike. 

Mask-making batik bundles available at Abby’s Reflection

Since the start of the current COVID-19 crisis, Abby’s Reflection Quilt and Apparel has been supplying fabric for community mask-makers in the region and beyond. The store’s owner, Jill Scheidt, recognized a need for high-quality fabric. She’s since updated her online store to include mask-making batik bundles featuring four different nature-themed collections; each collection consists of five different ½ yard cuts of batik fabric.  

“I’m selling a lot more yardage because of mask-making,” says Jill, who has had a rise in online, out-of-state customers. 

“Our online store is aimed towards Alaska-themed items, for people who want something different…we also have special Alaska fabrics made just for us.”  

One of the patterns she’s referring to is the exclusive Sitka fabric, designed by local artist Laura Kaltenstein. The bright, vivid print features local wildlife, such as brown bears and humpback whales, in addition to noteworthy Sitkan landmarks like St. Michael’s Cathedral. 

For customers looking to explore new hobbies, Scheidt also sells online quilting kits which includes quilt patterns, fabric, and instructions for both beginners and more experienced quilters. When I ask if Jill’s had any time to work on some quilts of her own, she just laughs.  

“I’ve been so busy mask-making, I’ve had to put mine aside,” she says. 

57 Peaks is known for their custom-designed and high-performance leggings and sportswear, with many Sitka-specific collections. Their brightly-patterned neck gaiters are another option to wear in public, and can double as face coverings and headbands. We love the pastel colors of the Sitka Sunset Neck Gaiter.  

Washing hands with WinterSong’s “Alaskan Seaweed” artisanal soap

In addition to wearing a mask, it’s important to wash your hands frequently. WinterSong Soap Company’s family-owned business has expanded from a small kitchen to a charming Lincoln Street shop front and extensive online store 

Their online collection includes an Alaskan line of soaps, with scents such as salmonberry, fireweed honey, and Sitka spruce. These soaps will help make hand-washing an enjoyable and relaxing ritual with a gentle reminder of Alaska. 

On days I feel in need of relaxation, I love burning the Homesick candle I bought from The Cellar. The Alaska candle has notes of spruce, cedarwood, and amber. 

2) Food 

Even if you aren’t able to leave your home, you can have a taste of Sitka delivered straight to your doorstep. Through Sitka Wild Seafoods, you can order a jar of smoked coho (silver) salmon straight from our backyard. The fish are fresh-caught and flash-frozen by a passionate family of fishermen. If that isn’t enough to satisfy your seafood cravings, you can order everything from crab to black cod tips for delivery through the Sitka Sound Seafoods retail store. 

A jar of Sitka Wild Seafoods’ Smoked Salmon Silvers and a packet of Alder Smoked Alaska Pure Sea Salt

Alaska Pure Sea Salt Company has nine varieties of homemade, flaked sea salt including flavors like Sitka Spruce Tip and Wild Blueberry. My personal favorite is the Alder Smoked Flake Sea Salt, which I sprinkle on my popcorn. 

Their online store also includes body scrubs and bath salts, for moments of decompression and relaxation. 

3) Art 

For me personally, art is a way to bring joy into my life; I love waking up to the paintings and linoleum block prints on my bedroom walls. If you’re like me, then art is a great way to find beauty in day to day life. 

Goldsmith Gallery’s online store, meanwhile, includes everything from jewelry to highly realistic glass-blown sculptures of regional southeast Alaskan wildlife. We love the videos that they’re posting on the Alaska Jewelers by Goldsmith Gallery Facebook page, featuring everything from a mixology session in the gallery, to retellings of Tlingit stories. Call to set up a virtual tour.  

Artist Cove Gallery has a selection of pieces by local Alaskan artists, such as carvers and metalsmiths Pete Esquiro and Jenny Lyn Smith, silk painter Gail Flotreprintmaker Dale DeArmond, and Laura Kaltenstein (mentioned above). The online store is simple and easy to navigate, with eye-catching images for each piece.  

For a nod to Sitka’s Russian history, the Russian American Company offers not only vintage Russian souvenirs, but also craft kits. You can paint your own matryoshka (nesting doll) or Russian Christmas ornaments.   


We are so grateful to our thriving local business community, which is constantly evolving and adapting. Your online purchase will help support our business-owners and ensure that they’re able to keep creating meaningful products. Check out our Shopping page for contact information and a comprehensive directory of stores.